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Fiber Chem is a nationwide industrial insulation company specializing in the insulation and jacketing of storage tanks, pipes, vessels, heat tracing and removable blankets.

Fiber Chem was founded in 1988

After working in the oil fields of Wyoming, Fiber Chem, Inc. was founded in 1988 by five young men in their early twenties. These five men, learned how to build a business through hard work,
honesty and integrity.

In the beginning and even today, an owner is often found on project sites overseeing the quality of our workmanship. Through this attention to detail, their knowledge has been passed onto our experienced team of project managers and skilled laborers. We feel strongly that this is one of the factors that differentiates Fiber Chem from many of our competitors.

Today, Fiber Chem still has the same customers we began with. With quality, safety, meeting deadlines and the unique demands of our clients, Fiber Chem has been able to solidify long-term business relationships with clients and suppliers alike. Through these relationships, Fiber Chem has been privileged to complete over $100,000,000 in projects throughout the continental US.

Our Team

Each member of Fiber Chem’s work force has accredited safety and equipment training to perform in the strictest of environments. We are ready to go to work for you by bringing over 25-years of insulation skills, industrial construction aptitude, common sense, and hands-on experience to help your
team be successful.

Our team has the experience to deliver high quality insulation solutions on-time, and on-budget. On average our field personnel have been with us for over 12-years and all of our project managers have been with us for over 20-years. Fiber Chem has been involved with many insulation projects, large and small for a wide array of clients, covering the entire continental US.

Fiber Chem Executive Management

Mike Link

Vice President

Mike Magby


Dan Smith

Business Development Manager

Fiber Chem Photo Gallery

Fiber Chem believes safety and compliance is critical to the success of our customers, our people and our projects.

Safety is a Fiber Chem Core Value and is very important to the quality of any project. Fiber Chem utilizes professional safety consultants to provide on-demand training as it relates to the rapid changing needs of our industry. We also have an In-House Safety Committee comprised of safety experts from our Executive Management team and staff. Rest assured, Fiber Chem’s entire labor force have the necessary safety training and certification to keep your project safe.

Safety Equals Results

Our current EMR of .72 is better than the industry average. We attribute this success to our proactive approach to safety. Fiber Chem’s approach to safety has also made us a leader among our peers. We utilize proven job-site processes with clear documentation to deliver the high quality results you expect.

  • "Fiber Chem has set the bar for contractors in our facility."

    W.C., Plant Manager, Newport News, VA
  • "Fiber Chem completed our project without disrupting our operation or creating issues for any of our employees. They began the project on time and completed it quickly. In short, Fiber Chem is a first rate insulation company that has the manpower and knowledge to
    handle any project scope."

    T.R., Terminal Manager, Baltimore, MD
  • "Fiber Chem’s workforce is very experienced, courteous and
    competent in their craft."

    T.R., Terminal Manager, Baltimore, MD
  • "They have been the insulating contractor of choice for many of our facilities for a long time. The feedback and comments that I get from others is pretty much always the same: if only every
    contractor worked this way."

    W.C., Plant Manager, Newport News, VA
  • "For over 25-years, Fiber Chem has served as the sole insulating contractor for this facility. During that period of time, I have personally witnessed them insulate over 25 tanks ranging in size from 1,500 to 80,000 barrels of capacity, several miles of pipeline ranging from 3 to 20 inches in diameter, and numerous valves and pumps of all shapes and sizes. Not once have we received anything but exemplary service and outstanding craftsmanship, all at very competitive prices."

    W.C., Plant Manager, Newport News, VA
  • “Their labor force seems very satisfied with their career choice and truly enjoy what they do, and that makes my job easier. When others are looking for ways to cut corners, I find that Fiber Chem always perform their work at or above all known safety standards. Their project managers are well informed and empowered to make decisions on the spot, without going through a chain of command. They are efficient, in fact, in all my years, I have never experienced a contractor that works as fast as Fiber Chem, they always finish
    their projects on schedule.”

    K.R., Maintenance Manager, Baltimore, MD

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Fiber Chem provides services nationally from two locations.

Office locations are listed below.
Get in touch with us by phone, or scroll to the bottom for General Inquires.

Casper, Wyoming

1456 North Derrick | Casper, WY 82604


Dubuque, Iowa

14858 West Ridge Lane | Suite #7 | Dubuque, IA 52001


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